• Walnut Bookstand

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    This handmade walnut bookstand would be a beautiful addition to any library, but its is also aesthetically versatile in that it could just as easily hold up a cookbook to create a display piece in a kitchen. It has been finished with two coats of tung oil and two coats of hand rubbed beeswax to amplify its natural shine. The natural edge top creates a great contrast with the architectural base, and would be a beautiful addition to any home. The butterflies that stitch the piece together are made of cherry, and the metal stand that holds the piece up is steel. 

    The piece is approximately 16"x12"x5/8", with a 1.5" rail to place the book on to. There are no clips on the stand to hold a book open, so it must be able to stay open on the 30ยบ incline without any extra force. 

    There is some minor tearout from a planer on the back of the piece (shown in the 4th image), as well as some maker's marks at the corners of the rails, as seen in the last image (in the bottom left corner). 

    The current listing is for the piece shown in the images, but we also produce custom pieces. Send us a message if you are interested either through Etsy or at BrindleStudios@gmail.com.