• Metalpoint Pencil

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    This unique metalpoint pencil is a re-imagining of an ancient writing technique with a sleek modern design. First invented in the Middle Ages, metalpoint pencils were valued by scribes and classical artists alike for their permanent mark and durability. While metalpoint pencils can be made with many metals, including silver or gold, this product uses a lead writing tip so that it can be used without the need for special abrasive paper. A watercolor pad (or other such paper) is recommended, but not required, for best results. All pencils are hand-cast with a lead writing tip and a bismuth barrel. 

    Customization, including engraved initials or patterns, will be available at special request and increased price for the first order. Any subsequent orders of the same customization will be available at the base cost.


    Barrel length: ~6"

    Barrel diameter: ~1/4" (widest point)

    Tip diameter: ~1/8"

    Some variation in barrel dimensions will occur.

    Design by Benjamin Mayne

    DISCLAIMER: Product contains lead, a heavy metal that is toxic if ingested. Keep product and written pages away from small children and animals. Recommended for personal use only.